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Effective Oil Changes – Preserving Engines

One of the single most important maintenance services for your vehicle is its oil change. However, it’s probably the most overdue and overlooked service by drivers. Every now and then a driver will wait until it’s too late, and they end up needing an engine replacement. But most of us will just delay our oil change until it can’t be ignored anymore. Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia wants to make our oil change service as quick and convenient as possible for you. We don’t want to give you any reason to miss your next oil change. We know a lack of time and inconvenience is a pretty good reason to delay. Missing your scheduled oil change service appointments will cause your engine to work harder and run hotter. The older and inefficient oil can ultimately harm your gas mileage. Quality oil changes not only extend the life of your engine, but they also improve vehicle performance and gas mileage.

Time For An Oil Change? – Schedule Yours Today!

We’ll put you on an oil change schedule that adheres to the manufacturer’s recommendations. We also take into account your driving habits and the terrain on which you’ll be driving when designing an oil change maintenance schedule. Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia performs oil change services that are meant to enhance your vehicle. Selecting the correct type and grade of oil, as well as the right oil change intervals will help your engine perform at optimal levels. Every trip to our shop for oil change service will respect your time and your vehicle. Our services are quick, clean, and efficient allowing you to get the most out of your engine, and your day. Don’t miss your next oil change, and allow us to give your engine the attention it deserves.