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At Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA we keep you rolling on the industry’s best quality tires. If you have a tire brand preference, check with us and we’re sure to have it in stock. Our affordable prices make your selection for tire services much easier. Not only are we reasonable at the register, but we’re convenient when you’re on the road. We make sure our customers always get the most out of their tire purchase. Anytime you come in for your scheduled oil change service you can take advantage of our free lifetime rotation. Whenever you’re out driving on your new tires from Shums Auto Repair, and you experience a flat tire, we’ll provide our flat tire repair service for free. We equip your vehicle with the industry’s best tires, and also preserve through quality tire service and maintenance.

Road Force Balancing – The Ultimate in Tire Care


Road Force is the best wheel balancing service that you can get for your vehicle. Our Road Force Balancing Service solves any wheel vibration or tire pulling problems on your car. Experience better handling after a precise wheel alignment. The Road Force GSP9700 measures radial and lateral tire forces and provides instructions for solving ride and handling problems such as tire pull and wheel vibration that balancers and wheel aligners cannot fix. Hunter’s Road Force GSP9700 is endorsed and recommended by vehicle manufacturers and proves by thousands of repair facilities worldwide as the industry standard in wheel balancing, Tire Road Force and Rim Eccentricity Measurement, Tire Pull Lateral Force Measurement.

The Road Force GSP9700 has “Three-in-One” diagnostic repair capability. It solves wheel vibration problems that balancers can’t fix. An optional StraightTrak LFM* feature measures lateral tire force, then applies that information to the set of tires. This provides multiple placement choices to eliminate or minimize tire pull problems – an otherwise unfixable vehicle complaint during alignment service.

Tire Brands We Offer

  • avon
  • continental
  • fuzion
  • hankook
  • pirelli
  • uniroyal
  • bfgoodrich
  • michelin
  • goodyear
  • firestone
  • bridgestone
  • dunlop
  • general
  • kumho
  • sumitomo
  • yokohama
  • toyo

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