Automatic Transmission Trouble Is No Problem for Shums Auto Repair

That’s right! If you are having problems with your vehicle’s automatic transmission, we can repair it here at Shum’s Auto Repair. Our certified technicians are experts in both automatic and manual transmissions. Bring your vehicle to our shop if your transmission is doing any of the following things.

Inability to Switch Gears

Your automatic transmission needs to be repaired if it is unable to shift through the gears in the gear cycle. This is a sign of serious transmission trouble that needs attention right away. If you fail to have this problem addressed as soon as possible you may end up with the next problem.

Inability to Go Into Gear

This problem is an unresponsive transmission that will not go into gear or operate at all. Unfortunately, you will be stranded wherever you are because the transmission is dead. In this case, you will need to have your vehicle towed to our shop so we can repair or rebuild the transmission.

Frequently Slipping Out of Gear

If your transmission is slipping out of gear and going into neutral by itself, this can be a sign that you will soon be suffering from the two problems that we just discussed. When the transmission slips out of gear, your engine’s RPMs spike and your vehicle loses power immediately.

Overheating/Leaking Fluid

Another sign that your transmission needs to be repaired is if it overheats. You will be able to smell hot odors wafting from underneath your automobile if the transmission is getting too hot. The most common thing that can make a transmission overheat is leaking transmission fluid. The leak will reduce the level of fluid in the transmission and it will get too hot.

Making Strange Noises

Your transmission may also start to make strange noises if it is going bad. For example, you may hear a loud clunk when you put it into gear. The gears may grind or squeal when they shift. The most common sign that the transmission is going bad is humming in neutral.

Making Your Car Vibrate

If your transmission fluid is too low or there is a problem with the gears, your car will vibrate when the transmission shifts the gears. This should never happen. Everything should be smooth and seamless when the transmission is in operation.

Finally, Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA, advises that you may end up with a check engine warning on the dashboard if your transmission is going bad. Call our shop today to schedule a service appointment.

Photo by Florin Patrunjel from getty images via Canva Pro

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