Seven Signs Your Car’s Fuel Pump Is Bad

The factory fuel pump lasts about 100,000 miles. After this coveted milestone, Shums Auto Repair warns that the fuel pump can go bad. Replacing the pump with a new one will resolve the problem. In the meantime, you will notice one or more of the seven signs of a bad fuel pump listed below.

1. High-Speed Engine Sputtering

The faster your car, truck, or utility vehicle goes the more diesel fuel or gasoline it needs. If the fuel pump is unable to add fuel to the combustion chamber, your engine will sputter at high speeds. The faster you go the more noticeable the sputter will be.

2. Power Less When the Engine Is Stressed

Your engine will also lose power when it is under stress if the fuel pump is not supplying extra fuel. Specifically, you may notice that your engine lags when you drive up hills. Another example of stress power loss is a sluggish engine when you are towing a trailer.

3. An Engine That Surges Unexpectedly

The former two are more common symptoms of a malfunctioning fuel pump. This being said, a fuel pump can also send too much gasoline into the combustion chamber. When this happens, your engine picks up speed unexpectedly and sporadically.

4. Significant Reduction in Fuel Economy

All of these things affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. Unfortunately, when the fuel pump is going out, most drivers notice a significant reduction in their automobiles’ fuel mileage. This makes things difficult with gas prices what they are in today’s economy.

5. Significant Reduction in Fuel Pressure

One way to test your fuel pump is to test the fuel pressure. You will find the recommended pressure in your owner’s manual. Purchase a fuel pressure gauge at the auto parts store and check to see if the fuel pressure is low. If it is, your fuel pump is dying.

6. An Engine That Overheats Constantly

If your engine is overheating constantly and there is nothing wrong with the cooling system, it’s possible that the fuel pump is overheating. The fuel pump uses the fuel it draws out of the tank to keep its motor cool. A lack of fuel will overheat the motor.

7. You Cannot Get Your Engine Started

Finally, forgive us for being Captain Obvious, but if your fuel pump dies you will not be able to start your car, truck, or utility vehicle. This is because the pump is not pushing diesel fuel or gasoline into the engine.

Call Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA, today if your vehicle is experiencing any of the problems listed above. We will inspect your fuel pump and replacement if necessary.

Photo by Boyrcr420 from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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