Signs Your Fuel Filter Has Clogged

Keep the fuel filter clean at all times. This can be done in our auto repair shop. It is important to change the fuel filter so that the fuel flows freely out of the tank and into your engine. Your SUV, car or truck will experience one or more problems if the fuel filter gets clogged.

Difficult Starts

It can be difficult to get your car running if the engine doesn’t have enough fuel. A clogged fuel filter can make it difficult for fuel to get into the combustion chamber. Also, clogged fuel filters can make it difficult for your engine to start. Anytime the engine is fuel-starved, which can happen if the filter is clogged, you will end up with a problem getting the vehicle fired up.


Even if an engine does start, it needs fuel to operate efficiently. Your engine will not start if there isn’t a steady stream, and you may not have a steady stream of fuel possibly because the fuel filter has become clogged. Your engine will begin to cut out and your vehicle will jerk.

Rough Idling

This is especially apparent when the engine is at an idle. It’s because the engine is not receiving enough fuel for combustion. The engine will continue to idle roughly if the fuel filter is clogged. This problem cannot be fixed unless the fuel filter is replaced with a clean one.


In very severe cases, the engine can stall. It could stall when it is sitting idle or while you are driving. The engine might also struggle to run when you press down on the accelerator. These symptoms indicate that the engine is fuel-starved.


Problems with the fuel pumps are another result of a clogged filter. The pump must work harder to move the fuel through the filter when it hits a blockage in the filter. This could lead to the fuel pump whining within your vehicle’s fuel tan, which is where it is located.

Fuel Pump Failure

A clogged filter can also heat up the fuel pump motor, causing it to fail. On average, a fuel pump lasts 100,000 miles. However, a fuel-pump that is fighting clogged fuel filters could malfunction and fail to last 100,000 miles.

Call us today if you are having any of the problems listed above. We will be happy to inspect the fuel filter and replace it if it is clogged. Chances are it is if you haven’t had it changed in 30,000 miles.

Photo by surakit sawangchit from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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