Signs Your Oil Filter Needs to Be Changed Right Away

Shums Auto Repair is the best auto shop in Philadelphia, and we can change your oil and the oil filter when they are dirty. The importance of regular oil changes cannot be overstated. If you fail to have the oil changed in your automobile, the oil and filter will get dirty and cause the following problems. A clogged oil filter, in particular, can damage the engine. Here’s how.

Reduced Performance

Changing the oil regularly ensures that your engine runs efficiently because you always have clean motor oil circulating through it. The oil flows through the filter after it has circulated throughout the engine to remove the dirt it picks up. If the oil filter is dirty, the oil will remain dirty and deposit sludge in your engine. This will reduce your engine’s performance.

Reduced Fuel Economy

Unfortunately, the engine will burn more gasoline or diesel fuel to perform when it is struggling to run. As such, you will also see a reduction in the fuel economy that your vehicle gets out of a full tank. It’s important to have the oil filter and the oil changed right away to restore your engine’s performance. This will also restore the fuel economy.

Reduced Oil Pressure

Another thing that is reduced when the oil filter gets clogged is the oil pressure in the engine. This definitely needs to be restored as soon as possible or you run a high risk of damaging the engine irreparably. In fact, the engine control unit will turn on the oil light if the oil pressure is too low. This is a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

Odd Metallic Noises

Failure to give the problem the attention it needs can result in odd metallic noises coming from the engine. This is an indication that you don’t have oil circulating through the engine and the metal parts are grinding against each other. This increases the engine’s temperature and damages the parts. Regular oil changes prevent this problem.

Increased Emissions

Finally, as we talked about above, the oil deposits sludge throughout the engine if it is dirty. Consequently, as the engine burns away the sludge, it increases the harmful emissions found in your vehicle’s exhaust. As such, your automobile may fail its next emissions test. Let us change your motor oil in the oil filter before the test.

Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA, is here to help, so call us today to set up an oil change for your automobile.

Photo by Milan Krasula from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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