Why Does My SUV Pull to the Side When I Apply the Brakes?

If your SUV, car, or truck pulls to the right or left when you apply the brakes, there is a stuck caliper on the wheel in the direction in which the vehicle pulls. Shums Auto Repair can fix this problem and any other brake system problem your vehicle might have. The brakes are the most important safety system on your automobile. Let’s talk about signs of brake problems below.

Dashboard Warning Light

Your SUV’s dashboard may tell you that the brake system is having a problem. Specifically, if the anti-lock brake system is faulty, the main computer chip will turn on the ABS light. If the brake pad surfaces are too low, the chip will turn on the Low Pad indicator light.

Loud Noise When Braking

If you hear loud noises when you apply the brakes, the brake system could be overheating or the brake pad surfaces may have worn away. Specifically, overheating brakes make squealing sounds. If you have no brake pad surfaces on the pads, your brakes will grind.

Movement When Braking

Your SUV should not vibrate, shake, or wobble when you apply the brakes. If it does, there may be a problem with the rotors or the calipers. Specifically, your brake rotor surfaces may be warped. The calipers can also make the SUV vibrate if they have road debris stuck in them.

Leaking Brown or Red Fluid

It’s important that you have your SUV’s brake system inspected right away if the vehicle is leaking brake fluid. Brake fluid is either brown or red. If you see spots or puddles of either color behind the wheels, your brake lines are leaking. The master cylinder can also leak brake fluid.

A Soft and Sinking Brake Pedal

Another problem that can make slowing down and stopping your SUV difficult is a soft and sinking brake pedal. This can be a sign that the master cylinder has gone bad and needs to be replaced. You may also have bubbles of air in the brake lines that need to be bled out.

Burning Chemical or Hot Carpet Odors

Finally, as we mentioned above, if your brakes are overheating, they will squeal. You will also smell burning chemicals and/or hot carpet odors. The former is a sign that the brake fluid is boiling. The latter is a sign that the brake pads and rotors have glazed.

Shums Auto Repair in Philadelphia, PA, would be happy to inspect your brake system and make any necessary repairs. Call us today.


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